Financial parameters of the product

Logistics Parameters

Demand parameters

Quantity (pcs.) Probability (%)
* Srecify main customer demand (check) values along with the coresponding probabilities or specify middle check value wuth 100% probability
Demand density.      Check density.
Compare with the alternative parameters:


Parameter Optimum Alternative
Time Type Order price Deferred delivery Selling price Deferral for customer Ord. coef Discount coef. Term replenishment Demand rate Checks Alt. Reorder point Alt. Reorder quantity Reorder point Reorder quantity Interval (days) Service <Order>, days <Order>, $ Total costs Deficit costs Storage costs Replenishment costs Profit Deficit <Stock>, pcs Max, pcs Alt. Reorder point Alt. Reorder quantity Alt. Interval Alt. Service Alt. <Order>, days Alt. <Order>, $ Alt. Total costs Alt. Deficit costs Alt. Storage costs Alt. Replenishment costs Alt. Profit Alt. Deficit Alt. <stock>, pcs Alt. Max, pcs